VET curriculum for a Partipatory Ergonomics training (Deliverable D2)

This document defines the vocational education and training (VET) curriculum of the PE-ABLE e-learning course on participatory ergonomics. The course is designed to teach professionals wanting to improve their knowledge and practice in the domain of participatory ergonomics. The course can either be followed in a non-formal training environment, or be part of a formal academic training. For the latter, two European Qualification Framework (EQF) levels have been defines: EQF level 5, the basic PE-ABLE course of 70 hours, and EQF level 6 advanced course of 120 hours.
The study defines learning objectives, as well as the course structure.

PE-ABLE pilot courses: index in English, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese

Formative needs in participatory and personal abilities for OHS professionals (Deliverable D1)

Formative needs in participatory ergonomics and personal abilities for OHS professionals: Documental review, expert analysis and situation in Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and UK.